Quarry Plant Machinery Repair


Great Wall is in a unique position to offer crusher Repair Services to fully recondition your cone crushers at a very reasonable cost. We have Authorized Repair Facilities located throughout the Sengkang Kulai who have proven track records of more than 25 years of quality service and fast delivery. At the same time, we offer you our crusher enhancements, which can be installed during the crushers reconditioning or repair process. Thus increasing production, productivity, improving safety & reducing cost/ton.

The following are typical services offered by Great Wall.

  • Disassemble, clean, and evaluate the scope of work with customers' input.
  • Finalize the work scope and costs associated with it.
  • Add enhancements desired by the customers.
  • Complete the work on time and within budget.

Please contact us for these services and let us show you how we can eliminate your headaches of having to find a suitable facility to get the repairs done on time, at a reasonable cost and of excellent quality.